Hot Weather

Whilst it’s raining at the moment and relatively cool, the weather forecast for Newsham this coming Monday and Tuesday is almost 30 degrees. This is unheard of in all my years here as Headteacher and something we are planning for as far as possible in terms of preventative measures.
Please remember to follow the repeated messages we have communicated in relation to sunscreen, loose PE kits with covered shoulders, water and hats.
We have Y6 Leavers’ Assembly taking place on Tuesday, July 19th at 9.30am in the school hall. Whilst it will be early in the day when the event takes place, our school hall can get very warm at the best of times. When it is filled with Y6 pupils and their families, it will be even hotter. This is something to be aware of if you are an elderly family member or have an underlying health condition. We just want to keep everyone cool and well and we care as much about our families as our children. If it’s possible not to send more than two adults per child, that could also help to keep our numbers low. We will of course do everything we can to maximise ventilation in the hall.
Please be aware that the doors to the hall won’t be open until 9am as we don’t want anyone sitting for longer than necessary. If attending, please feel free to bring yourself a fan or bottle of water if that would help.
Please take care over the weekend when temperatures will start to rise.
Mrs Armstrong