Important Update

Dear Parents and Carers,
You may have heard that this afternoon there has been a confirmed case of COVID 19 amongst one of our pupils at Newsham Primary School. As soon as I received this information, I put into place a carefully organised procedure that is set out in the latest guidelines from the Department for Education.
The first step in the process is to contact Public Health England and I made that call almost three hours ago. Having registered the initial details, I am currently waiting for a representative from Public Health to return my call.
Mr Jones has spoken to the parent of the child concerned and that parent fully agrees that we should notify you about this situation, even though, at this stage, I do not have all the necessary information that I’m sure you will be seeking.
As soon as I have spoken to Public Health, I will provide information about school tomorrow, whether or not any bubbles need to close, what vulnerable pupils should do, and which year group is affected.
Please try not to worry. I appreciate the concern that will be felt in our closely knit school community. That said, you absolutely know that health and safety is my first priority and this is central to all my decisions. In this particular situation, I am required to adhere to the instructions from Public Health and follow the procedures that they deem to be appropriate in this case.
I am always hugely grateful for the unwavering support and faith you hold in my leadership as Headteacher of Newsham Primary School. Please continue to work with me as I lead our school through this new and unfamiliar situation.
Finally, I won’t necessarily have time to answer individual questions on this news feed but can assure you that without breaching confidentiality, I’ll provide you with as much information and guidance as soon as it becomes available.
Mrs Armstrong