Just a quick update for parents, carers and everyone who is involved in the life of Newsham Primary School

As Headteacher, I am incredibly lucky to work alongside a dedicated and outstanding staff, fantastic children and a brilliant and supportive set of parents and carers.

Whilst it’s clear that we are working with new and rapidly changing circumstances, I wanted to reassure everyone that I’m continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it develops and will maintain these regular updates so that we can tackle these times with the team spirit and partnership that makes our school community so special.

I know our team in the school office are trying to help answer as many questions that are coming into school as possible, and I hope everyone is finding that useful. We can’t give medical advice or make decisions around illness but NHS 111 is providing the latest medical advice around isolation etc.

Having completed more than twenty years of headship including sixteen at Newsham, I’m able to draw on my experience of both leadership and our local community to understand and plan for the challenges that lie ahead. Yesterday I met with local agencies and charities to plan for food distribution to disadvantaged children and families in the event of school closures. Working together to support our communities is vital and times such as these provide the opportunity to bring out the very best in everyone.

Thank you so much for your understanding and ongoing support. We will get through this together and meanwhile, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone us at school. This would also minimise visitors coming to the office itself.

Please note that it’s a bit more difficult to answer questions posted in the comment section of this page. I’d be concerned we missed something if that happened.

Many thanks and take care.
Mrs Armstrong