Latest Information from Mrs Armstrong… March 23rd 2020

hank you so much to everyone who read my posts this weekend and responded so swiftly.
Thanks to you and the people around you who have been able to provide safe childcare, our numbers have reduced significantly today and for that, I am hugely grateful.

Life feels anything but normal in school today but everyone who had no other option than to be in the school building, has followed all my instructions without any complaints and all safety procedures are being strictly adhered to.

We are busy formulating a staff rota and I’ve already been able to get staff with underlying health conditions home. We have other staff organising the learning packs and we have decided they can currently be collected from school as long as two metre distances are maintained from other individuals. To help with this, we have chalked two metre spaces on the school path. By the way, on that front, only the main entrance to school is open. You can however arrive by car under the circumstances. School is open until 2pm today. If as many packs as possible can be collected today, we can try to start delivering tomorrow to families needing that service.

We are finalising the purchase of food vouchers and will provide an update shortly as the system is currently overloaded nationally. We are trying our best to make alternative arrangements for children on free school meals until we can receive the vouchers.

I’m sure there’s so much more for me to provide in the way of updates but please understand that I’m multi-tasking like never before at the moment!

I’m sending a virtual hug to all our children and my grateful thanks to you all once again, for helping me to keep everyone safe.

As Headteacher of Newsham Primary School, the staff and I are incredibly proud to be doing what we can to keep front line workers in their jobs and the country running. Please help us by following all instructions from the government around social distancing, hygiene measures and self isolation when required.

Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Armstrong ❤️