Latest Information from Mrs Armstrong…

Thank you so much to parents and carers for being so understanding and supportive while we work as quickly as possible with a situation in relation to Coronavirus that has changed yet again for schools.

Children leaving us today for the foreseeable future will bring learning packs home and will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we continue to love them and that they continue to be part of Newsham Primary School.

Parents of children absent from school today can collect learning packs from school from this coming Monday. If a parent has already nominated another parent to bring their child’s pack home today, that’s fine but we can’t accept any more of these requests now as packs are being delivered to classrooms. Separate arrangements can be made for self isolating families if requested.

Any final requests for school places from key worker parents must be made by 3.00pm.
Please keep your children at home if at all possible. We are trying to provide emergency care for the children of key workers but some of our staff are already having to self isolate and we need to keep pupil numbers to an absolute minimum. If, for example there is only one day in the week that as a key worker, you simply can’t manage, please just request that one day. Please phone us asap if you are able to reduce a request you’ve already made.

We may not be able to take further requests as we move forward even though we understand circumstances may change within families and children of key workers may wish to return to school.

The staff at Newsham are completely dedicated but some have underlying health conditions themselves and many of us care for vulnerable family members. We absolutely understand that we have to keep going in order that the country can keep going but we need you to work with us in order to sustain this plan.

Currently, we can open from 9am to 2pm so that night shift workers can get some sleep and staff can also care for vulnerable family members. This may change if more staff become ill themselves.

I’m already looking at the Easter holidays and this is going to be a particularly difficult time. I can’t promise we’ll be able to offer our school then so I’ll need to know who is in a position of great need and I may have to work with NCC and other schools to see what can be arranged. This is something we can look at next week.

Finally for now, we are trying to organise Co-op food vouchers for families entitled to free school meals. We’ll get back to you about this asap.

I am so sorry that we are in this position. I’d love to have every child every day but it simply isn’t possible. You all know that Newsham is my second family and I’m heartbroken to be having to make these decisions.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my staff. I’m hugely grateful to you all.
Mrs Armstrong