Message from Mrs Armstrong 09/07/2021

Morning Everyone,
What a challenging week we’re having at Newsham Primary School with five classes and numerous staff having to isolate. It’s a situation I really wish we weren’t having to deal with, particularly so close to the end of the school year. Nobody appreciates more than I do, that in addition to all the other isolations, our final days with our wonderful Y6 children are being significantly disrupted and more classes could still be affected between now and the end of term.
In addition to the impact for school, I completely understand that for families and us as staff, isolations are now going to disrupt the start of the school holidays. Currently, national restrictions on isolations are not being lifted until August 16th.
I will write to parents and carers before school closes next Friday, July 16th. This letter will provide new information regarding arrangements for September because, as you will know, the national lifting of restrictions has been announced and in lots of ways, school life is expected to return to normal.
Please don’t worry if the letter I’m referring to is not emailed to parents and carers until the end of next week. I’m deliberately waiting for any final information from Northumberland County Council that I’ll receive in a meeting next Thursday, July 15th, as this will help to ensure the information I provide is as up to date as possible.
Thank you as ever for your unfailing support and faith in me as Headteacher. I’m so sorry I haven’t seen everyone at the school gates recently but I promise I’m working as hard as I possibly can to ensure everything in school remains safe, secure and happy as the children approach the end of this academic year.
Please continue to email or phone school with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have regarding the end of this term or the start of the new academic year.
Our email address is
Many thanks and take care.
Mrs Armstrong