Message from Mrs Armstrong – regarding Breakfast Club and After School Activity Club

Dear Parents and Carers at Newsham Primary School,

Just a quick update regarding our  Breakfast Club and After School Activity Club as we approach half term.

I know some parents and carers have been asking about the possibility of reinstating these clubs and please let me reassure everyone that this is something I really want to arrange because, apart from many other reasons, I completely understand as a working mum myself, how important these clubs either side of usual school hours are.

My difficulty lies in the number of positive Covid-19 cases that have been identified amongst pupils and staff at Newsham Primary already this term.  I have liaised closely with Public Health and continue to do everything within my power to keep everyone in our school community safe.  Public Health have instructed that I keep year groups separated from each other as far as possible indoors. I have therefore returned to single year group assemblies and have changed arrangements in the lunch hall at times when I’m unable to avoid two year groups being in the hall at the same time. Public Health have agreed to these modifications.

Newsham Primary School Risk Assessment 7.0 is a thorough and comprehensive document that I have formulated for staff, governors, parents and carers. It is available to view on our school website and explains that due to school based rates of transmission, our Breakfast and After School Clubs cannot operate at this time.

The situation may be different in other schools depending on the number of Covid-19 cases in their local community.

I really wish I wasn’t having to provide updates like this.  Like everyone else, I had no idea that we would still be in this situation after 20 months of a relentless pandemic and I take my responsibility to try and keep everyone safe very seriously.  That said, like everyone else there’s nothing I want more than for life to return to normal but if I’m completely realistic, I think this is going to be when we get on the other side of winter.

Finally, as always, I just want to thank you all for your constant support and faith in me as Headteacher. I know that the decisions I have to take can’t always be universally liked but your understanding is really appreciated.

Please do not use this page to add any comments but do contact school via our usual email address or phone number if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Thank-you and take care.
Mrs Armstrong ❤️