Message From Mrs Armstrong – Saturday 28th March 2020

Well, we have completed the end of the first week of a very different time in the life of Newsham Primary School.  We are still finding different ways of doing things and all the systems we’ve relied on to keep our school running so smoothly for years are now having to be completely redesigned.  There is so much that feels uncertain so I just wanted to reach out to you all to remind you of the following;

There are so many good people in our community. These might be your neighbours, your friends and family or people you have only just met online.  This situation is bringing people together and it will bring out the best in the best.

Newsham Primary School will always be here. The teachers and all staff have acted with incredible dedication and professionalism.  They have put themselves last on the list of priorities and Newsham first. They have made themselves available on a rota basis in school and have supported children and parents with home-learning. The staff who have not yet been called into school as part of the new rota are desperate to play their part and are working flat out at home until called upon.

The staff team at Newsham have been always been close and supportive to each other.  This is going to be such a blessing moving forwards and an absolute necessity in ensuring that key/critical workers can attend their place of work to support the community. I could not wish to be going through this with any other team.  I always say how blessed I am and I miss being with them all together…….. as friends as well as colleagues.

The parents and carers (along with everyone involved in the life of our school) have already been incredibly supportive.  Thank you all.
The decision you made to find childcare for your children will really impact on reducing the spread of the virus. It has meant fewer children in school, therefore fewer staff in school. It meant I could allow more staff to stay at home: to be safe with their families. We needed you and you responded.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. When school does reopen – and it will, we will need you again to continue to offer the same level of support and compassion for your children and my staff.  I just know you will and that this will make us even closer as a community.

The children of Newsham Primary are brave and resilient. Often it is the children – the youngest and most vulnerable – that actually become our example. Their need for structure and routine means that we remain calm and purposeful. We need them as much as they need us and I miss our children enormously.

The world will be different when this is over. Our working patterns may change, our relationships with each other may change and our attitude to what is truly important may change. Things will be different and I really hope they will be for the better but that will be up to us.  I’m ready to play my part.

Take care. Stay home. Stay well. Stay Kind.
Mrs Armstrong

PS – Please remember we don’t have the capacity to answer questions on Facebook but the admin email address is on our school website if you need to get in touch.  I’m asking staff to work to school timings in an effort to get some balance in their lives.  Thank you. ♥️