Mobile Phones (reminder from last half  term)

As many of you are aware, pupils from Y5 and Y6 are allowed to bring mobile phones to school but they have to be stored in the school office during the course of the school day. Parents and carers must complete and sign a letter prepared by school before a mobile phone may be sent with their child.

Our procedures that support the use of mobile phones in school are currently subject to a full review by our Governing Body. This process has now begun and we are unable to accept any liability at all for the loss or damage of phones brought to school. This is irrespective of the cause of the loss or damage. We are aware that some children bring some very expensive phones to school and whilst I’m reluctant to ban phones  completely, I would urge parents and carers to consider the type of phone being provided for their child and only to send a phone if it is required to maintain contact for children walking to and from school alone. It may be the case that through the review, governors in the future restrict mobile phones to children who walk home by themselves and  combine parental permission for both aspects on one form. Many thanks.