Public Health Message

I’m really looking forward to reopening Newsham Primary School to all pupils next week and our senior leadership team, office and premises staff have worked really hard throughout the summer to ensure our school can be as safe as possible for all concerned.
Please watch this short film that has been prepared by Public Health England.  Liz Morgan leads Public Health in the North East and my last online meeting with her just took place on Thursday.  I hope that helps you to feel reassured that I have incorporated the latest possible information into the decisions I’ve made to support a safe return to school.  I’ve also worked closely with NCC throughout the holidays, read and responded to every new update to guidance from the Department for Education and ensured that arrangements put in place match our specific school context.
I know parents, carers, staff, governors and children will all continue to have their own questions as we continue on this journey together.  That’s completely understandable and these questions will all be answered by either myself, our brilliant staff team or the professionals that are supporting our school at a local and national level.
Many thanks for your ongoing support and I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy bank holiday weekend.
See you very soon.
Mrs Armstrong ❤️

Feeling anxious or worried about your child returning to school next week? Listen to Liz Morgan, Director of Public…

Posted by Northumberland County Council on Saturday, August 29, 2020