Robinwood Update – Y5 Parents / Carers

We are understandably receiving a lot of questions about our planned trip to Robinwood in July this year. Pupils who have the opportunity to go rate this experience as one of the absolute highlights in their school experience. We are in regular contact with the centre, and intend to keep you updated as much as possible about what will happen this year, as it is of course possible, that plans may change.
As of yet, Robinwood have not cancelled our visit. They have contacted all schools who were booked to go to the centre before May half term to make arrangements, but no decisions have been made about visits planned later than that.
Until the management of Robinwood make those decisions, we can not plan what is likely to happen, or consider any issues like possible refunds. That said, you will know that we are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as we can. I am sure that you will appreciate the difficulties of moving forward in these uncertain times. When there is increased clarity, we will be working with Northumberland Local Authority to consider the best way forward.
We recommend that until we have further clarification on the status of the visit, that families make no further payments towards the visit. We will update you here as soon as we can.  Thank you.