Rotary Citizen of the Year

We were delighted to be able to welcome Mr Wallace and Mr Wise into school this week to present the award of Junior Citizen of the Year to one of our pupils.

Kanushanth, is one of our Y6 pupils and reflects every one of our 7 Rs at Newsham perfectly.  He also carries out the very responsible role of translator for members of his family and is an extremely mature and         conscientious role model for pupils throughout school. Congratulations Kanushanth.

In addition to Junior Citizen of the Year, Rotary presented some of their Young Writer awards to a small group of Y6 pupils.  Kat, Ryan, Casey, Brandon and Kady-Lee received awards and Libby was selected as the 2018-2019 Rotary Young Writer representative for the region.  We are extremely proud of all the children and very grateful to Rotary for creating these awards that help to motivate and inspire.