Safer Internet Day and Relationship Education

All this week the pupils will be reminded about the safest ways to use the Internet. This is timed to coincide with Safer Internet Day, but is just part of our on-going programme of child and parent education on this important issue.  To further raise the profile, we have had police working with Year 5 pupils today (9.2.16).

In addition to this we also had a visit from Northumberland’s Wellbeing and Community team. They gave a presentation on Relationship and Health Education in schools.  They also provided advice about keeping safe online.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the resources available to support you in protecting yourselves and your family:

On our website their are links to Parent Info is a website designed by CEOP to support parents and carers in parenting issues; particularly internet safety.

whisperThe ‘Whisper Button’ is a way that pupils can report anything they are concerned about on the internet or general Esafety issues. This link is displayed on the bottom of every page of Newsham Primary School website. By clicking on the link, pupils can send a named or anonymous message to school.

Materials from the presentation by the Wellbeing Team can be reached at

It is so important that we do everything we can to keep our children safe.  Mr. Jones is more than happy to meet with any parent or carers who may have questions or worries about this important area of life for our children.