Safety at Newsham Primary School

We have had two incidents at Newsham recently which have seriously concerned me and both relate to the use of vehicles on and around our school site.

The first incident involved the driver of a vehicle driving onto our premises and parking in front of our school barrier at the beginning of the school day. This blocked access to our car park and a member of staff had to try and tuck her car up by the hedgerow next to the allotments to enable the driver to reverse off our school premises. The driver then communicated with staff in a completely unacceptable way and this was an unsafe and upsetting incident for all involved. I would remind everyone that parents and carers are invited onto the premises at my invitation as Headteacher. I will withdraw that invitation if anyone behaves in a manner that is inappropriate for the children, staff or other parents and carers using our school facilities.

The second incident occurred yesterday when a parent was taken ill at the beginning of the school day and required an ambulance to attend immediately. I was really proud of the way in which staff (and parents present, so many thanks to those involved), all worked together to support the parent concerned, protect all the children from any distress and organise help to be requested as soon as possible. The fact that some parents and carers were frantically reversing and moving their vehicles when the ambulance arrived, simply reinforced the reason I have repeatedly asked drivers not to park in the road leading to our main school gates. Thankfully, this situation has had a happy and positive outcome but how would anyone feel if an emergency vehicle couldn’t get onto our premises to help their child if the need ever arose. I make absolutely no apology for putting the safety and well-being of our children, families and staff at the top of the list of my responsibilities as Headteacher of Newsham Primary School.