School Uniform

We are determined to maintain our high standards of school uniform through to Monday, July 18th (Tuesday, July 19th is our Whole School Picnic Day when uniform is not required and Wednesday, July 20th is the last day of the school year and is always a non-uniform day).  In terms of school uniform, we previously had an agreement that school hoodies were not to be worn in the Summer term.  We have listened to feedback around this issue and have decided to allow school uniform hoodies to be worn throughout the year.

Finally in relation to uniform, please please please make sure that every item of your child’s uniform is named before school starts again in September!  The amount of lost property we have collected this year has been staggering and we can’t help to return clothing to the correct child without a name on the label.  This can be achieved with a waterproof pen but however you name items of clothing, please help us with this issue.  It is in your interest to help to ensure your child does not lose an item of school uniform next year as I appreciate how costly replacements can be!

The last day to order any school uniform for next academic year is Friday 8th July, in order for us to process any requests we have with the supplier.  Orders received after this date will not be processed until September.  We will post delivery dates/collection dates on our website.  Thank-you.