SIMs Parent App

We are now communicating with parents and carers via the SIMs Parent App.

Please make sure you have downloaded this app and received your invitation code via the school office.

Any problems please give us a call or send an email to and we will try and help.

We will be sharing Star of the Week, Star of the Month and other good news via the app as well as trip information, attendance and other classroom information.

Thank you Mrs Watson

Here are some FAQ:

Q: Do I need to send a new invite as the original invite does not work?

A: No, all existing invites that did not work because of registration delays have been reset and can be reused by the user.


Q: The user has lost the invite.

A: The user should be un-registered. Please wait the normal 24 hours before re-inviting to ensure the original invite has cleared the system.


Q: I have a user who has tried to register with a third-party account and has been unsuccessful because of registration delays.

A: Please unregister the user, wait 24 hours and re-invite. The user should then be able to register successfully.

This SIMs Parent App User Guide may help too:

SIMS Parent App – Getting Started