Times Tables

Some of our KS2 pupils are currently trialling an exciting new web-based maths program, TimesTableRockstars, to help them learn and practise times tables, as well as promoting a more rapid recall for multiplication and division facts.

Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun, engaging sequenced programme of daily times tables practice, where children are motivated to compete in order to earn rock coins!

We know that when a child isn’t secure with their times tables, it can obstruct progress as they can’t draw on this knowledge to solve other mathematical problems. Several pupils understand some of the more difficult mathematical concepts they have been taught, yet they struggle to develop or practise their new learning because of insecure number skills; with lack of times table knowledge being a key issue.

Research indicates that children who have a strong grasp of their times tables are more confident when learning new mathematical concepts and, more importantly, they enjoy the subject more! Therefore, since we all want the best for our children, it is really important that children at Newsham are given every opportunity to have the tools of arithmetic secure and at their fingertips.

Please keep an eye out for your child bringing home a letter with login details for this fun and exciting opportunity as it rolls out across KS2.