Update 2

Dear Parents and Carers,
Thank-you so much for the patience while I’ve been working with Public Health this evening. In between calls, I’ve seen some of your comments online and can completely understand and appreciate the viewpoints of concern that some of you have expressed. I’ve also been motivated and encouraged by the really positive feedback and your faith in my determination to keep everyone safe.
I can tell you that the child who has tested positive for Covid-19 is in Year 1.
Public Health have stated that all Y1 pupils need to isolate for 14 days from Thursday, September 3rd, which is the last day that this child was in school. The isolation period will therefore expire on Thursday, September 17th.
Other family members of Y1 pupils and staff do not need to isolate for 14 days.
I will write to parents and carers tomorrow but wanted the families of the children concerned to have this information as soon as possible. Please share this information with Y1 parents and carers who may not see this post as it is almost 8.30pm on Sunday evening.
If you are the parent or carer of a child at Newsham with an underlying health condition or have someone in your immediate family classed as extremely clinically vulnerable, I can understand that you may be particularly worried this evening. This may be the case even if you do not have a child in Y1 but are still part of our school community. Please be reassured that we will be very understanding of your concerns and I’ll have senior staff available tomorrow to talk individual circumstances through with anyone who feels the need for that personalised level of support.
It goes without saying that this situation is one I’d hope we’d never have to deal with at Newsham Primary School. We are one of the earlier cases in the country where Covid-19 has affected a pupil and I know you will join me in sending love and best wishes to the child and family concerned.
If you can keep all but absolutely essential questions until tomorrow, I’d really appreciate your support with that too as there are still a number of tasks I need to complete this evening in relation to this situation.
Many thanks and stay safe.
Mrs Armstrong