Update from Mrs Armstrong – 06.01.2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just a very quick update from Newsham Primary School to let you know that as each day goes by, we’re getting more and more systems in place to support the situation that is going to be in place during the weeks that lie ahead.

We have already made a significant number of phone calls to support children working at home.  We have also made a number of home visits (whilst remaining outdoors and maintaining social distance), to try and support our families in the community.  Both forms of contact will continue in the days and weeks ahead so if you haven’t heard from us yet, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. .

We have assigned school based places to as many eligible pupils that can be safely acommodated.  This has been a very difficult process because we also need to try and keep numbers of pupils in school to an absolute minimum in order to reduce viral load, the risks of transmission and maintain a Covid secure environment.

As Headteacher, I’ve been hugely grateful to parents and carers who have worked with us to identify their absolute minimum requirements in terms of a school place for their child or children.  For example, one mum has just said that due to the shift patterns of her critical worker role, she can manage to cope with remote learning for her children if they can just be in school for two days each week.  That is incredibly helpful and means that I potentially have three days to offer to another critical worker or vulnerable child without going above what I deem to be a safe number of pupils in each bubble.
Please let us know by email or telephone as soon as you can if you are in this situation and can help us to help more children.
Home is definitely the safest place to learn but I do understand this is simply not viable for all critical workers’ children all week and I will continue to do everything I can to ensure school remains as Covid secure as possible.

In terms of home learning, we are creating additional systems this week and next that will improve this learning platform even further!  We’ll get this information out to families as soon as we can.

As always, there’s so much more I could post here but I’m very aware that I feel as though I’m constantly sending you messages and they are frequently far too long!   I do know however, from your wonderful feedback, how much you appreciate the swift communication and I’ll make every effort to maintain this through a wide variety of sources as we move forward.

Please continue to check your emails, our website and this FB page for updates. Facebook will never be our primary source of communication but I can see how quickly these posts can be shared and how wide the audience can become in a matter of minutes!  Using a variety of communication channels will help us all as our situation continues to develop.

Finally, I feel as though I’m always finishing by expressing an apology for these current circumstances and gratitude for the team spirit and mutual support that exists across our whole school community.  I don’t want to take this ethos for granted and I will always know how lucky I am that we’re all in this together and stand shoulder to shoulder at every stage of this journey.

Together we are definitely stronger and we’ll get through this I promise.

Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Armstrong  ️