Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed our bank holiday weekend and the wonderful weather that accompanied it! I went into all our classes on Tuesday morning and was relieved to find very few cases of sunburn. Some children told me that they had caught too much sun on their neck and ears so they are clearly places to remember when applying sun screen. Please make sure your child comes to school properly protected from the sun (even on days without brilliant sunshine!) Sun screen, hats and long sleeved tops are all important. Recent sun safety literature urges parents to choose a cream with both a high SPF and a high UVA rating. The UVA protection should apparently be at least 1/3 of the SPF protection and parents and carers should be looking for SPF 50 and a 5 ***** UVA rating. Remember that parents and carers have    responsibility for this area of child  safety. We will do what we can as a school and work with parents and carers wherever possible but  ultimately this is not one of our designated areas of responsibility.