Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful, relaxing and safe half term break and that everyone is delighted that school is open once more!

The children have settled back happily and are already working hard.

As I repeatedly remind parents and carers, regardless of how successful our school is, we can only make a difference if every child is in school every day. It is very worrying to note that 73 pupils have already had term time holidays during this academic year and we are only just approaching the end of February. In total, the absences generated by these 73 pupils amounts to 303 lost school days, (606 sessions monitored by school and the Education Welfare Officer). Staff are    working very closely with both the Education Welfare Officer and our School Improvement Partner at Northumberland County Council to tackle this problem. Holidays in school term time will not be authorised and children need to be at school whenever we are open. We need your support.  Thank-you.