Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing Christmas holiday and that everyone is pleased to be back into the routine of life at Newsham Primary!  The children all returned to school happily and there is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in all the classrooms.

It is important that everyone understands how hardworking this term needs to be throughout school.  Traditionally it is the term when we can really ensure the children drive ahead with their learning without too many interruptions to the school timetable.  Our staff are very clear about their part in this process but we absolutely need every child to be in school every day if we are going to be able to help them achieve their maximum potential.  We also need reading at home to be part of the regular routine of each child’s life and homework to be completed and returned to school on time.  If any parent or carer is experiencing any difficulty in relation to attendance, reading at home or homework, please come and talk to your child’s teacher or a senior leader as soon as possible.  We will do whatever we can to help but need to know when difficulties arise.  Our home school partnership will be as strong as we all make it.