Welcome to the summer term – message from Mrs Armstrong

Dear Parents and Carers,

Just a quick message before we start our summer term at Newsham Primary!

I hope everyone has enjoyed a safe and happy Easter break and has made the most of the sunny weather we’ve enjoyed here in Northumberland!  I also hope that everyone is looking forward to school starting again tomorrow!

During the Easter break, I’ve managed to spend time with my grown up children, my 90 year old mum, my family, friends and husband. They’ve all reminded me about the importance of relationships & face to face connections and I have to admit, it’s been lovely to have a short break from the online meetings that usually dominate my life these days!

Having always valued the relationships we have with our parents and carers, I really hope we’re able to connect more normally with our Newsham family during the summer term that lies ahead, and I’ll be meeting with senior leaders soon to plan the events for the children that will take place between now and the end of the academic year.  There’s lots to think about as part of the normal school diary but we’re also considering plans to enable the children to understand and celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We’ll make sure we get all the relevant information out to you as soon as possible.

Newsham is my second family and I always miss everyone so much during the holidays. School is so quiet without the children and I can’t wait to see everyone again tomorrow.

Once the week gets underway, I’ll write to all our families as there are other plans being made to support a change to our leadership team in September.  Next year I will be 60 years old and will have been Headteacher at Newsham for 19 years.  Actually, that hardly seems possible but it helps you to understand why Newsham is like a family to me I suppose!

Anyway, amongst other changes, from September I will move to a part time Executive Headteacher role at Newsham and this will support both Newsham and myself as I gradually move towards retirement.  I’m sure you can understand that even the thought of moving to a part time role is really challenging for me (even though it was my request and governors have been incredibly supportive). I’m so used to being at the heart of school but I suppose the pandemic has made me a little less visible to parents and carers (as I’ve been busy coordinating the strategic and safeguarding position of the school) so you are more used to seeing other members of the senior leadership team on the yard than me at the moment, even though I’ve been there throughout!

Whilst the change I’m briefly outlining is significant, I’m thrilled to say that after a robust recruitment process, Mr Jones has been appointed as Head of School from September and will continue in this role until my retirement.  This is a new post at Newsham and he will oversee the operational day to day running of the school while I lead on the strategic side of provision, safeguarding, curriculum and standards.

I want to thank you all in advance for your constant support, understanding and faith in me as Headteacher.  These are such exciting times for our school and we will  continue to go from strength to strength in partnership with you all.

Right then, as usual my “quick message” has turned out to be the complete opposite but those of you that know me well, won’t be surprised by that!

We haven’t talked to the children about September yet but I’ll do that in the coming weeks and as I’ve mentioned, will write to you all soon.  Mr Jones and I may even post one of our musical film clips as I know how much you all love those! In the meantime though, we’ll get this message onto our website this coming week.

School starts again at the usual time tomorrow morning and here’s to a wonderful summer term!

Sending lots of love to you all.
Mrs Armstrong ♥️