Y6 Leavers Socially Distanced Picnic

We are very excited about the Leavers Picnic but wanted to go through some important safety points. Generally, the day will follow the same safety procedures as have been operating in school since extended opening began on June 8th, however, there are some additional arrangements to note.
Your child should arrive at 10:00 and leave at 2:00 by the level crossing gate. Remember social distancing.
Please do not come early (unless this has been organised previously with the school) and do not attend at all if your child is unwell.
Children should wash hands thoroughly before the event and wash thoroughly immediately after.
Hand sanitizer will be provided for use throughout the day.
Wear suitable clothes, shoulders covered, sun cream as outside all day. Please only bring coat and empty plastic bag, and any school library books you still need to return. The bag is to bring some items from school home. We recommend that this remains untouched for 72 hours for hygienic safety.  Water and food will be provided.
Unfortunately, we can not allow pupils to sign shirts or books. However, we have some lovely ideas of ways they will be able to share good luck messages with each other.
Mobile phones can not be used. Please do not bring them unless absolutely necessary. If anybody does bring a phone, it will be collected on arrival and individually bagged until departure.
You must be available at all times during the day, in case we need to contact you.
If your child does not observe social distancing guidelines, or becomes unwell you will be contacted to collect them.
Information about the organisation of the day is on the website. By sending your child, you are accepting these arrangements. Please contact Mr Jones if you have any more questions.
Although you are often very generous, please do not bring gifts for each other or staff. Pupils should not bring anything except their weather protection gear, their plastic bag and their sense of fun!

More safety information is available here.