Year 6 Edinburgh – Day 1

We have had the most amazing day. We set off on time and had a great journey up. All the way the children were singing, chanting, and joining in with one of the worst sounding karaokes ever (except for Sweet Caroline)!!! The forecast for the zoo was dreadful, but it stayed dry the whole time. The children amazed us with their lack of knowledge about animals… but they absolutely loved it. We had to check a few bags in case some of them had pinched a couple of the penguins because they were all in love with them. The kids were such great fun to be with; the staff and children have laughed all day. We are now at the youth hostel and the rooms are lovely. We’ve just had out tea which was chicken, roasties, veg and sticky toffee pudding. Most children ate absolutely loads, and those that didn’t are currently filling up on snacks. Next we are going on a night walk to see Edinburgh with its lights on. Then we will be back to the hostel for games, Libby’s birthday cake, and a bedtime story and they will all sleep soundly for 10 hours after that!!