Year 6 Edinburgh – Day 2

Last night was a great sleep with no problems. This morning one of the lads rooms started showering at 6:30 for some reason, but everyone else had to be woken in time for breakfast. Breakfast was toast, croissants, toast, juice, toast, cereal, yogurt on toast etc. EVERYONE ate….. yes even the fussiest of eaters! We then went to, for most people, the highlight so far; Camera Obscura. We had two hours being amazed, laughing and learning. Look at the pictures and ask your kids when they come home. The light tunnel was terrifying and I think there are still three children trying to find their way out of the hall of mirrors 😂. When we left the Obscura (and went to collect things that kids had left behind about six times!!!) we went to the castle. First we sat in the grounds to eat our packed lunch, then we went inside. We saw the Crown Jewels and fascinating history. The most exciting bit was seeing everyone get a fright from the gun that gets fired at one o’clock! 💩😂😂😂
Next we went tat shopping. I am warning you that you will need to practice your ‘oh that’s lovely’ faces for Friday evening! We have been right round the Royal Mile and watched flame juggling street entertainers. Finally we walked back to the bus via Greyfriars Bobby. We are now getting ready for tea and an evening of games and face-packs apparently!!! The kids have been amazing. We are so proud of them.