Djembe Drumming!

Djembe Drumming (10)This half term, we have been incredibly lucky to have been visited by Mr Ballantyne who is teaching us how to play the Djembe Drum.

As well as learning how to play, Mr Ballantyne is teaching us all about the origins of the Djembe drum. It was originally used in West Africa, in a country called Mali, and the wood of the instrument came from a Djem tree which is where the name Djembe comes from. In Africa, many of the skins on the drums are made from goat skin but ours are plastic!

Djembe Drumming (5) Djembe Drumming (14)

So far, we have learned three traditional African tribal drum beats Kuku 1,2 and 4. After learning them individually, we have also been putting them together in a ’round’.

Djembe Drumming (16) Djembe Drumming (13) Djembe Drumming (18)

Djembe Drumming (12)

Some of us have even been teaching the drum beats to the rest of the back. We play the rhythm and the class play it back.

Djembe Drumming (7)

We are loving learning about another culture through music. Thank you Mr Ballantyne!