This term the children have been learning the story Jack and The Beanstalk.  To begin they searched the grounds for a small bag.  When they found the bag, hidden in the grass, they discovered it contained magic beans!IMG_1211 IMG_1217 IMG_1248

The next morning the children came into the classroom and were surprised to find a giant beanstalk had grown overnight!


We thought about what we would like to find at the top of a beanstalk!

IMG_1297 DSCF8247

Unfortunately the next day giant footprints appeared and we had a huge scroll from an extremely angry giant.  Some children measured their feet to prove it wasn’t one of them.  His golden eggs had been stolen!  We had to find them quickly or he promised to return.  After searching the school grounds we found and returned the eggs.

DSCF8252 IMG_1305 DSCF8262 DSCF8267

Mrs Bolton was too frightened to come into the classroom.

What an exciting start to our learning!