School Priorities

Priorities 2019-20

Quality of Education

  • Continue to improve attendance, achieving our whole school target of 96% by 2020 (currently 95%)
  • Finalise curriculum redesign and implement Phase 1 of the new curriculum based on the agreed underpinning principles.
  • Embed STEM as the curriculum identity throughout all key stages.  This reflects the bespoke employment requirements and market forces predicted for Blyth over the next twenty years.
  • In light of the revised curriculum at Newsham, identify and implement a whole school approach to vocabulary acquisition across Newsham Primary School.
  • Continue to develop teaching skills of teachers and support staff to accelerate pupil progress within Maths across school; a particular focus will be teachers and support staff who have changed key-stage.
  • Continue the development of a Forest School curriculum – Phase 2.
  • Continue focused efforts to ensure that disadvantaged pupils across school make rapid progress in reading, writing and maths to narrow the gap between this group and non-disadvantaged pupils nationally.
  • Development of Comm & Lang competency of EYFS pupils by developing pupil voice and opportunities for verbal reflection and explanation.  Pupils will develop an appropriate vocabulary based on knowledge and skills gained.  Consolidate application of SEN plans for high needs SEN learners, so that a robust mechanism of support exists for these potentially vulnerable pupils.
  • All SEN learners will be appropriately supported and a significant proportion will make progress that is at least good.

Leadership and Management

  • Developing the skills and expertise of the Governing Body due to recent changes to constitution, membership and roles.
  • Create a culture of high expectations, aspiration and scholastic excellence through the effective review of senior leadership roles and responsibilities, underpinned by a revised staffing structure.      NB – This improvement target supports succession planning and strategic planning for leadership roles throughout school.
  • Continue to develop a robust and systematic approach to monitoring outcomes and provision across school through a review of our subject coordination model and the systems and mechanisms that can be aligned at a whole school level. 

    NB Please also refer to “Newsham Primary School SEF 2019-2020), which is available in school and also contains actions and objectives that relate to Personal Development, Behaviour & Attitudes and EYFS.