Information Technology is an exciting part of our world. We have a rich curriculum in computing and other uses of technology across the school.  This ensures that the Newsham pupils are able to explore their natural curiosity for IT. However, we want to use technology in the safest way possible and a significant part of our education programme is designed to ensure safety in this area. Our e-safety lead is Mr Jones. Mr Neil JonesHe organises training for staff and education opportunities for parents. He is assisted by Mr Beavers who coordinates Computing in the school and Mr Neave who is the Network Manager.

We subscribe to a package called Boost+ which keeps the school up to date with the latest initiatives, pupil resources and staff training. It also provides the ‘Whisper’ service. whisperThis is a reporting button that you will see on each page of the website. If you click on it you can send a message directly to the school about any internet or safety concerns. You can even report anonymously, should you need to.

The whisper button is also displayed around school and is on the door of Mr Jones’s office to remind pupils that they can report any concerns in person.

We also subscribe to an excellent online magazine, called ‘Parent Zone’, which provides excellent advice for parents and carers about e-safety issues. You can reach this using the link below.


There are also e-safety training videos below which are excellent guides for parents and carers:

SWGFL Boost Online Safety Part 1

SWGFL Boost Online Safety Part 2

SWGFL Boost Online Safety Part 3

SWGFL Boost Online Safety Part 4

Think U Know is also another great resource which has advice about different age groups:

Advice for Pupils and Parents